Scenic and Charter Flights

Speacialized Flights for Speacial Occasions

Stewart Island offers some of the best scenery in New Zealand and what better way to see and experience it than by air!

Stewart Island Flights can offer Scenic Flights and Chartered Flights to fit your specifiations.

Scenic and Chartered Flights can be operated in on one of the four aircraft in our fleet

Scenic Rates

Britten Norman Islander (BN2)

9 Seats


Piper Cherokee Six


5 Seats


Cessna 185


5 Seats

$1360 per hour




$680 per hour



$680 per hour

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Charter Rates

Our Charter Rates are inclusive of Aircraft and Pilot hire cost, Fuel cost, Airport fee's and taxes, Airways fee's. Fares are subject to change and are assesed on a case by case scenario. The information in the tables below are a guide.

The origin and destinations in the tables below are reversable. Aircraft ferry cost may apply. Payload (passengers and baggage) is subject to change depandant on location. Please contact us or fill in the form at the bottom of the page for more information.

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