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Marine Radio

Stewart Island Flights

VHF Marine Radio

The western beaches on Stewart Island are beautiful and very remote. In fact, the only contact with civilization is through Satellite Phone or VHF Marine Radio.

At Stewart Island Flights we have a policy that means every hunting party must have a form of contact with them, whether is be Satellite Phone or VHF Marine Radio.

For your safety and convenience, Stewart Island Flights has made handheld VHF Marine Radios available to hire.

At a flat rate of $30 a trip, a VHF Marine Radio is a cheap option to have that reassurance of contact with civilization should you need it.

For your convenience, we have created a form for you to fill in prior to hiring a radio.

Below is a button that will allow you to download this form.

If you need to hire a radio, please download and fill out the form. You can then either email it back to us or bring it with you to check in.

If you choose to bring it with you, please advise us that you will require a radio so we can reserve one over your time period.

We look forward to flying you!

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