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Hunting Trips

With years of experience transporting hunters to some of the most remote locations on Stewart Island, Stewart Island Flights are able to provide a cost effective and reliable service to some of Stewart Islands most stunning hunting blocks.

Our fixed wing aircraft are able to cater to large groups as well as small parties while still satisfying a variety of budgets.

Bookings are tailored on an individual basis to suit the specific needs of the group. This provides flexibility as things naturally change with the dynamic nature of hunting trips.

Stewart Island Flights operates to each of the landing locations listed below on our interactive map. To learn more about the hunting blocks themselves, please take a look at the Department of Conservation website here:  

It is a requirement that you have some form of communication with the mainland when we fly you to the western beaches. This can either be a satellite phone or VHF radio. If you do not have your own radio, you can hire one from us.

We do not carry hard rifle cases in our aircraft, if you are using one to travel to Invercargill, you can store this with us at the airport while you are on the hunting block. Feel free to bring a soft rifle case for your flight to the beach.

To begin planning your trip please contact us with the dates you are looking to travel and one of our staff can help get your adventure underway.

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In addition to getting you there, Stewart Island Flights are happy to provide, in conjunction with Four Square, food, drinks and other supplies ahead of time. 

Hunting Trip Food Delivery
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