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Mason Bay

Mason Bay is a popular destination for adventurers because of its historical and wildlife appeal. The bay was once home to ancient Maori and is still held in great reverence by Maori. In the early 1900s Mason Bay was home to pioneer farmers trying, unsuccessfully, to tame the island’s wilderness. The original homestead and a few outbuildings still stand. Mason Bay’s main appeal lies in its significance as home to the highest population base of kiwi in the world. With some luck these shy, nocturnal birds can be viewed in their natural environment.

Stretching 14 kilometres from end to end, Mason Bay never fails to amaze. The chance to experience its unrivalled beauty is only an exhilarating beach flight away. Flights operate at low tide landing on the beautiful sandy beach.

We can operate to a number of different landing sites on Mason Bay. These include Duck Creek, Martins Creek, Cavalier and Kilbride. These landing locations and associated huts are listed on the interactive map below.

To book or simply find out more please contact us and we can happily arrange a trip to suit your needs and budget.

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